Air America

Bob Nelson
Tue Oct 5 13:23:45 EDT 2004

>>While they don't seem to get much attention, there are plenty of conservative 20 year olds. 

True...especially in the heartland or "flyover states". More than a few twenty-somethings call Sean Hannity and agree with him. There are even some conservative punk rockers.

>>Regardless of ideology, talk radio (especially on AM) has always been and is still primarily a format for an over-40 crowd. 

Right, though of course there have been things like Air America,
Democracy Now!, and shows like one I heard via tape from LA's
KLSX...a Sunday morning talk show with a young-sounding, liberal-
leaning host whose callers seemed either liberal or moderate.

>>The Dead Kennedys' appeal was pretty minimal even in their day, let alone now

Right, but in their day they did do some political songs. For the most part, they leaned left but also could give a jab to liberal
politicians, too. The booklet for their "best of" album
spoofed Ted Kennedy's Chappaquiddick incident as part of the lyric sheet for their song "Too Drunk..."

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