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Bob Nelson
Tue Oct 5 13:18:16 EDT 2004

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>>Thsi would be The Stephanie Miller the comedian who's  father ran >>for VP in the late 60s-70s (im in my 20s) sorry?? the same >>Stephanie Miller who had a nationally syndicated show on ABC radio >>network with KABC-AM as it's flagship? if it's true then GREAT

Yes it is :)

I'm slightly older than you, but the Goldwater-Miller ticket ran
back when I was a mere the same year when those
four moptops from Liverpool conquered the US. Later, William E.
Miller, who has since passed away, did one of the first American
Express TV commercials: "Hello, do you know me?"

On her show yesterday, Steph Miller mentioned that while she's
a liberal and a sibling or two are also liberals, her mom is not
(and her brother William E. Miller, Jr., is also conservative).
Another example of political ideology not being reflected in
offspring is the late Wally George, conservative talk host
whose daughter Rebecca de Mornay (actress) felt the opposite
way politically. (And I would wager Henry Fonda's offspring
Jane and Peter did not agree politically with Dad, either,
but I could be wrong.)

So...yes, it's the same Steph Miller who had been heard nationwide
including WRKO (weeknights at 10 pm) till ABC pulled the plug.

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