Air America

Tue Oct 5 07:17:23 EDT 2004

  A. Joseph Ross wrote:
>And annoy the older liberal audience, I'm afraid.  I would have liked to 
>hear some of the other
>songs you've mentioned.  In fact, I wonder why Bob doesn't play them.
>While listening to the Stephanie Miller show this morning, I was surprised 
>to hear a
>commercial from the Coast Guard.  The government is advertising on a 
>left-wing station?

I suppose they advertise on altrock stations...that format seems to attract 
the more left-leaning youth as opposed to CHR or more mainstream rock.

I do wonder how much appeal AA will have to 20somethings once the novelty 
wears off though.  While they don't seem to get much attention, there are 
plenty of conservative 20 year olds. Regardless of ideology, talk radio 
(especially on AM) has always been and is still primarily a format for an 
over-40 crowd.  I really doubt "in your face" hard rock is the way to 
appeal to them.  The Dead Kennedys' appeal was pretty minimal even in their 
day, let alone now.

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