Cities where a format dominates?

David Tomm
Mon Oct 4 22:53:28 EDT 2004

Sheer numbers of stations don't always tell the story.  Ratings do.  
Knoxville TN has a couple of country stations, but the top performing 
station, WIVK, gets something like a 22 share.  Johnson City, TN has a 
similar situation with WXBQ.  Huge ratings.  I'd say that country is 
dominant in those two markets, even though there are only a couple of 
stations in each programming that format.

If you want to talk numbers of outlets, markets like Philadelphia, 
Washington DC and Detroit have multiple stations playing various 
flavors of Urban music.  Memphis has three Urban AC's, three Urban 
Oldies, two mainstream Urbans, and an Urban leaning smooth jazz 
station.  That's nine stations serving the African American audience in 
that city.  In fact, the top four stations in Memphis are urban 

Not to be outdone, Miami has nine stations with at least a one share 
running a Spanish language format.  Los Angeles also has nine Spanish 
stations.  Those are the most glaring examples I can think of off the 
top of my head.

"Mike Thomas"

On Oct 4, 2004, at 12:58 PM, Bob Nelson wrote:

> This should be interesting: can any of you name a city where a certain 
> format is really, really dominant? There are just a TON of stations 
> with that format?
> In Dallas or Nashville, you have a ton of stations playing country, of 
> course. It could be hot new country, or country oldies or even 
> country-rock. In Seattle, it seems (from looking at 
> there's LOTS of talk.
> And I'll throw in Birmingham, AL, where gospel and black gospel is 
> king.
> I'll just list the AM stations--there are also more than a few FMs
> with a gospel or "religious" format.
> 610 kHZ Format: Black Gospel
> Slogan: Heaven 610
> 760 kHZ Format: S. Gospel
> Slogan: Where-U-R-Loved
> 850 kHZ Format: Gospel
> Slogan: All Music, All Jesus, All The Time
> 900 kHZ Format: Black Gospel
> Network: Sheridan - The Light
> Slogan: The Light
> 1220 kHZ Format: Black Gospel/Religious
> Slogan: Gospel 1220
> 1480 kHZ Format: Black Gospel
> Network: Willis Broadcasting Network
> Slogan: The Lord's Power House
> 6 out of 15 stations on AM are gospel (and, again, more on FM)
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