Cities where a format dominates?

Bob Nelson
Mon Oct 4 12:58:37 EDT 2004

This should be interesting: can any of you name a city where a certain format is really, really dominant? There are just a TON of stations with that format? 

In Dallas or Nashville, you have a ton of stations playing country, of course. It could be hot new country, or country oldies or even country-rock. In Seattle, it seems (from looking at there's LOTS of talk. 

And I'll throw in Birmingham, AL, where gospel and black gospel is king. 

I'll just list the AM stations--there are also more than a few FMs 
with a gospel or "religious" format.

610 kHZ Format: Black Gospel 
Slogan: Heaven 610 

760 kHZ Format: S. Gospel 
Slogan: Where-U-R-Loved 

850 kHZ Format: Gospel 
Slogan: All Music, All Jesus, All The Time 

900 kHZ Format: Black Gospel 
Network: Sheridan - The Light 
Slogan: The Light 

1220 kHZ Format: Black Gospel/Religious 
Slogan: Gospel 1220 

1480 kHZ Format: Black Gospel 
Network: Willis Broadcasting Network 
Slogan: The Lord's Power House 

6 out of 15 stations on AM are gospel (and, again, more on FM) 

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