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Dan Strassberg
Mon Oct 4 07:43:48 EDT 2004

Did you try WKOX this morning--before the 7:00 AM pattern change? I heard
the carrier cut at 7:00 and the background interference did drop off a
little afterward. The signal DID get a slight bit louder, too. So there's
not much question about WKOX running its day power/pattern at night. Also,
last night was a relatively poor night for AM skip, so the interference from
co-channel stations was not at its worst. Nevertheless, if what I heard is
an example of what CCU's technical wizards can do with audio processing to
make an AM climb to the top of the pile, why hasn't WKOX been doing this
ever since CCU bought the station? The signal I heard from 6:40 AM, when I
tuned in, until 7:00 was entirely listenable and I think that I live at
least as far from 100 Mt Wayte Ave as Joe does. Brookline is more-or-less
due east of Framingham, whereas Arlington is northeast, and Brookline is
pretty much due south of Arlington.

WBIX ought to get the person responsible for WKOX's audio to tweak the 1060
night audio. WBIX may or may not yet be running its full 2500W at night, but
with audio processing like WKOX's, the 1060 night signal would certainly
SOUND as if the station were at full power.

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> On this morning's LTAR, Bob mentioned that he'd heard a lot of obnoxious
rock music on
> WXKS and thought it was a slap in the face to the WXKS adult standards
audience to do
> this before the format change.
> But either Bob only listened for a short time or they changed what they
were doing by the
> time I listened on Friday night (and again today).  What they've been
doing is playing music
> with themes appropriate to Air America, such as the Beatles' "Revolution"
and other songs
> expressing patriotism, freedom, or something like that.  These were
interspersed with
> recordings of Al Franken reading from his book, "Lies and the Lying Liars
Who Tell Them"
> and promos for the upcoming format ("Starting this Monday, wake up on the
left side of the
> bed.").
> I also found, unfortunately, that while I can hear both stations in my
car, it's hard to get either
> station's nighttime signal here in Brookline, even with my Sony 2010
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