Air America finds it's way to Boston

Donna Halper
Sun Oct 3 01:24:29 EDT 2004

>it was said--
> > So what about all the claims that Clear Channel Communications made
> > programming decisions to kiss up to the Bush administration?
>Maybe they're doing this in order to refute that claim?

As I suggested on LTAR, the Clear Channel folks are definitely doing a 
"charm offensive" with lots of pro-CC billboards, taking a strong stand 
against obscene programming, etc.  The company has been getting hammered by 
community activists who accuse it of having a chilling effect on free 
speech (don't flame me, folks-- I am quoting other people); CC's 
upper-management is known for being very pro-Bush amd pro-Iraq War, and 
Lowry Mays has donated millions to Republican causes. Given the perception 
of its critics that CC is hindering other points of view from being heard, 
and with the FCC taking a hard look at the conglomerates, it makes perfect 
sense for CC to show they are really misunderstood by getting rid of Howard 
Stern or by putting some liberal programming on a few stations.  It doesn't 
really cause any problems, since the number of stations affected is 
comparatively small, but it makes CC look more moderate in the eyes of 
those critics, and perhaps gets the FCC to back off.

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