WWZN / Celtics - Bill Griffith Column

Joseph Pappalardo joepappalardo2001@yahoo.com
Sun May 30 11:35:39 EDT 2004

> Here'a a thought.
> >
> > What if the Celtics *bought* WWZN?
> Sure that might work. As I've said the only problem is
> that exorbitant transmitter site lease, and the night
> - time signal.
> As you mention, a fill-in type of situation would
> help.
> Then again, what if the Celtics bought WTKK? It might
> be a sounder business proposition.

Someone else mentioned they should/could buy 850AM.

However, I think the price for WWZN would be the steal-of-the century.

Anyone care to guess what WWZN would sel for?
(Compared to a full-signal FM-WTKK...or 850AM with their recent ratings

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