WWZN / Celtics - Bill Griffith Column

Hakim Madjid hmadjid@yahoo.com
Sun May 30 11:13:21 EDT 2004

 Here'a a thought.
> What if the Celtics *bought* WWZN?

Sure that might work. As I've said the only problem is
that exorbitant transmitter site lease, and the night
- time signal.

As you mention, a fill-in type of situation would

Then again, what if the Celtics bought WTKK? It might
be a sounder business proposition.
> They could do all sorts of cross promotions for WWZN
> within the Fleet
> Center...on programs, etc.


> It would give some legitimacy to the station,
> wouldn't it? ...as opposed to
> "out of town" (absentee?) landlords.

It's probably not so much the out of town landlords
(let's face it most of the major stations in Boston
are owned by the major media conglomerates none of
which are head quartered here) as that WWZN's owners
happen to be in dire straights financially.

>(Didn't the Celtics own part of WEEI at one time?)

Yes in the late 1980s IIRC, The Celts bought WEEI (on
590 at the time) outright, for much the same reasons
you outline in your post. Prior to the Cetlics
ownership it was owned by the couple who founded the
Papa Ginos chain, and prior to that it was under CBS

73, de Hakim (N1ZFF)

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