WWZN / Celtics - Bill Griffith Column

Joseph Pappalardo joepappalardo2001@yahoo.com
Sat May 29 16:36:56 EDT 2004

> Suffice it to say, however, if I were the Celtics, I
> would seriously consider exercising my escape clause,

Here'a a thought.

What if the Celtics *bought* WWZN?

They could do all sorts of cross promotions for WWZN within the Fleet
Center...on programs, etc.

It would give some legitamcy to the station, wouldn't it? ...as opposed to
"out of town" (absentee?) landlords.

I would think the Celtics need all the promotion and positive ink(sound)
they can garner.

The Celtics being on WWZN isn't such a bad idea...especially if they
'fill-it-in'. with some surrounding stations.

WPLM?  (Remember when the Bruins were on 1150AM and WPLM?  Not a bad fit,
metro and suburbs, AM & FM, etc.)

What would be a good fill-in-the gap station for (WWZN and) the Celtics

How about WCRN?  WXLO?  to the West?

WCAP or WNNW(800AM) to the North?

WCTK, WJFD....maybe WBET...and of course WPLM to the South.

Would this be such a bad investment for the Celtics?

cross-promotion, etc.

(Didn't the Celtics own part of WEEI at one time?)


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