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Laurence Glavin lglavin@lycos.com
Sat May 29 14:48:09 EDT 2004

>DATE: Sat, 29 May 2004 18:10:21
>From: "Dave Faneuf" <tklaundry@juno.com>
>To: bri@bostonradio.org

>OTM returns to WBUR Sundays at 2pm beginning May 30


Good news for Boston-area listeners.  I can pick it up on
WEVO-FM Concord, NH at 10:00 am Sundays.  I think I mentioned
last summer that I attended a free open-house at WBUR
featuring free eats and beer (they just had one last 
Thursday I believe).  While I was there, I had a 
conversation with a person described as the program director,
George Beelzebub, or whatever.  I mentioned to him that
I enjoyed "OtM" very much, and although I could hear it 
on NHPR, Boston area listeners were missing a good show.
He said that "OtM" didn't measure up to WBUR's standards;
I almost spit up my Sam Adams...a show produced by WNYC-FM,
on which A-list individuals from the NY Times, Time, Newsweek,
Washington Post, BBC, the Boston Radio Interest Group
(ok I made that last one up) regularly appeared NOT UP TO
A few months ago I became aware that the "Savvy Traveler"
was going out of production, and posted here that "OtM" 
would be a good fit with the rerun of  "Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me";
in fact today (05/29) Bob Garfield appeared on "WWDTM"
in his position as an editor of Advertising Age.
(Peter Segal called Bob the HOST of "OtM";  he's the CO-HOST
with Brooke Gladstone).  Two PM Sundays may not be the
best time, but it's good to have it back in Boston...
and if I meet up with this George the PD again
(and how much power does he have anyway) I'll remind
him gently that I made this suggestion in 2003.

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