WSNH-AM Simulcasting WBZ-TV, I Mean CBS4 News

Laurence Glavin
Wed May 26 16:54:11 EDT 2004

This was mentioned on the Boston board at,
but since this site is the Boston radio board of record
(kind of like the NY Times Sr.), I bring it up now:
WSNH-AM 900 in Nashua has been simulcasting the 6:00 pm
news seen on WBZ-TV, aka CBS4, for a while now.
I sampled it yesterday (05/25), and it's a direct 
rebroadcast of the programming one would see and hear on
channel 4 itself, commercials and all.  Curious minds
want to know if the folks at 1170 SFR offered it to 
various stations, and WSNH was the first to agree,
or if AM 900 suggested it to the station.  Also, will
it be the first step in a move away from recordings
by WSNH  toward something else? Remember, they're
on AirAmerica's list of possible future affiliates.

Laurence Glavin

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