Accepting the Nomination

Laurence Glavin
Mon May 24 16:40:13 EDT 2004

>DATE: Mon, 24 May 2004 00:44:26
>From: "A. Joseph Ross" <>

>In covering the story about the possibility that John >Kerry may delay accepting the 
>nomination until several weeks after the convention, >I haven't, so far, heard anyone in the 
>media mention the fact that the candidate's >acceptance speech at a political convention is 
>actually a recent innovation, begun by Franklin D. Roosevelt.
>Before that, the candidates didn't even come to the >convention.  The convention would 
>appoint a committee to go and inform the candidate of his nomination and ask if he would 
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Speaking of that, another "tradition" long-forgotten
was the practice in the early years of the Republic
of disseminating the "State of the Union" speech
via messenger, rather than outright oratory before
a joint session of Congress.  Do you think if JFK
(the hockey-playing one) IS elected, he'll
opt to revert to this custom too?    That will free 
radio and TV from having to cover it. (The last sentence added 
to make this post "on-topic".

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