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Thu May 13 09:11:46 EDT 2004

By technical help, in addition to the camera work the
sound is often overmodulated. This is especially
noticable during "The Simpsons" on Saturday nights,
and I know that's not a problem with the tape since
the airings on Fox 25 and WNAC in Providence have
never had the same problem. That will drive viewers
away no matter what the format.

--- Mark Watson <markwats@comcast.net> wrote:
>    Maureen Carney wrote:
> > I caught a little of WNDS while
> > cruising through the channels around 10:15 last
> night.
> > The camera looked out of focus. Doesn't sound like
> > there will be any equipment upgrades soon.
>     Camera work was less than perfect on the 8 or 10
> "Candlepin Stars &
> Strikes" shows I caught this past season. Several
> times they would show the
> bowler letting the ball fly, then they would switch
> to the shot of the pins,
> oops wrong lane. We'd see the next lane over while
> we hear the pins falling
> on the lane we can't see. Occasionally they would
> catch themselves and the
> camera would swing over rapidly to catch the end of
> the pinfall. Also add in
> the occasional audio or technical glitch. The
> production was better in past
> years IMHO.
>    Maureen mentioned in a post she made after this
> one that WNDS looks like
> they need technical help. For the past several years
> their picture quality
> has been not as sharp as mst of the other over the
> air signals in our area.
> If the owners to be (Shooting Star) are having
> capitalization problems and
> end up going to leased time home shopping or other
> leased time programming
> coming off a dish, out of focus cameras and "wrong
> lane" shots won't be a
> problem.
> Mark Watson

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