Maureen Carney m_carney@yahoo.com
Wed May 12 18:47:52 EDT 2004

Sorry, I sent this to Laurence and not to the whole
list initially. WNDS-DT is on the air, on channel 35.
It's in their legal IDs. I haven't seen it yet, but
I'll guess that they're using the 480i format (which
is the bare minimum, and is a sub-DVD quality
picture). For whatever reason, CTV of Derry can't or
won't dump more money into the station and they look
like they need technical help. Shooting Star seems to
have capitalization problems, so I fear that leased
time home shopping is coming to TV50.

> Like other TV stations, WNDS has an obligation to
> add DTV
> facilities.  Perhaps they didn't have the
> wherewithal
> to undertake this task and sold to someone who will.
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> Pages

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