Will Air America try to get a Boston station?

rogerkirk rogerkirk@mail.ttlc.net
Wed May 12 17:39:07 EDT 2004

Bob Nelson noted:

>A N.Y. Daily News column by Michael Goodwin said the programming 
>veered more toward offensive humor and vitriol than thoughtful 
>discussion, and rumors are circulating that after they failed to meet 
>payroll last Friday, a few more "payless paydays" may doom them.

Not having heard these shows myself, I am a tad reluctant to accept Mr. Goodwin's analysis at full face value.  Can anyone on the list confirm and/or deny?

As for the rumours circulating, unless proven, they are still "just 
rumours" and reliance on them without corroboration only adds to Air America's woes.  (Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy?)

I am a moderate Conservative and have no particular axe to grind on this issue either way.  But, it seems that either Air America is having large spate of bad luck OR somebody (possibly themselves) is out to do them in.

Based on reviews, it would seem Air America's business plan, network-building and show/host preparation were about as well-thought-out as America's post-invasion plans for Peace in Iraq.  Failure due to these factors is self-inflicted and they should have nobody to blame but themselves.  

OTOH, if external forces bent on sabotaging their efforts are afoot, they need to recover quickly before the boat swamps.

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