Come Back Little Susan

Donna Halper
Sun May 9 22:38:54 EDT 2004

>Mark wrote--
>That is one of the Globe's biggest weaknesses. Nearly every other major 
>city paper has a TV beat writer and critic, and a TV weekly magazine 
>that's far superior to the Globe's bare-bones listings.  When the Herald 
>had Monica Collins and Jim Baker, and their Sunday TV magazine was full of 
>color and articles, it was the one area where they truly excelled over the 
>Globe.  Now both Herald writers are off the staff and they've cut the 
>budget for the TV book too, so both papers are seriously lacking.

Mark Jurkowitz writes about media (including TV) for the Globe and does a 
good job, but his columns are only a couple of times a week and are more 
about popular culture based on what I've seen.  (He used to be their 
ombudsman, writing about ethics.)  

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