Come Back Little Susan

Bob Nelson
Sun May 9 17:16:14 EDT 2004

--- Laurence Glavin <> wrote:
  This page has for a
> long time been the source of more misinformation
> than 
> Baghdad Bob. 

Anyone thought of doing a website with bascially the
same type of service? Listing of stations and formats
(accurate, one would hope) with clickable links to the
stations and various programs on them. Certainly we
know of 100000watts, Radio-Locator,,
Boston Radio Watch, and others, but those are often
radio-fan-geared; perhaps someone (maybe even me)
can put up a general site people can surf to, to
see what's of interest this week (or month, etc.)
on the dial in the Boston area. I'm talking about the
more casual radio listener, not the huge fans
(and industry personnel) here.

Though then again, people can still check out station
sites on their own...even if the Globe's TV Week
radio listings are gone, they can surf to the sites
of WGBH-FM, the talk stations, etc.!

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