Come Back Little Susan

Laurence Glavin
Sun May 9 15:39:00 EDT 2004

For months, nay perhaps even years, the TV Listings
booklet inserted with the Boston Sunday Globe has
included a section on the last page with radio station
and program listings, ostensibly edited by erstwhile
radio scribe Susan Bicklehaupt.  This page has for a
long time been the source of more misinformation than 
Baghdad Bob.  Call letters, formats and programs have
been out-of-date for as long as I can remember.  Most
recently, WCCM-AM, now at 1490, was listed as continuing
to transmit at 800 khz;  WBOQ-FM 104.9 continued to be
described as "classical though two format changes; I
couldn't swear to this (can an agnostic take an oath
anyway?)but I believe a gay-and-lesbian-themed program called
"One in Ten(!)" hasn't been on WFNX-FM 101.7 for eons.
Well, alas, this risible romp of fauly factoids is (sob)
gone.  For two weeks now, the TV Week has been entirely
given over to TV...what a concept!  Has Susan retired;
has the Globe declared radio passe (provide your own accent
over the'e'); or, could they be revamping the radio page 
for restoration at a later date with all accurate dats?:

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