New photo gallery: Viacom tower, Needham

Scott Fybush
Sat May 8 19:41:45 EDT 2004

> "Scott Fybush" wrote:
>>It was great to meet you, Mark, and the 21 others who showed
>>up for our dinner! Gotta do this more often :-)
> Roll Call?  Pictures?

Let me try on the roll call...apologies in advance, as I'm doing this from
memory and will probably leave at least one name out. In no particular

Scott Fybush
Ariel Fybush
Lisa Fybush
Garrett Wollman
Art Pepin (Greater Media)
Marcia Della-Giustina (Emerson)
Sara Lavoie (WERS)
Donna Halper (Emerson, etc. etc.)
Bob Bittner (WJIB)
Peter George (WBIM, WSHL, WNRC, etc.)
Bob Sutherland
Brian Vita and his wife, whose name has slipped my memory
Maureen Carney (FSNE)
Gary Ford (WFTN)
Norm Gagnon (
Dan Strassberg (EDN)
A. Joseph Ross, Esq.
Laurence Glavin (from Methuen, *not* from WCRB)
Aaron Read (Broadcast Signal Lab, WBRS, WZBC, WZLY, etc)
Mark Watson (ex-WCAP)

Apologies to anyone I've inadvertently omitted!


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