Objection to WNSH "Minor" Change

Laurence Glavin lglavin@lycos.com
Fri May 7 17:56:38 EDT 2004

Recent FCC Daily Digest Applications and Actions have recorded 
objections and counter objections to the "minor" change
WNSH-AM 1570 proposes: going from 500 watts to 
FIFTY-THOUSAND watts!  Early in the year, the FCC
got Parental guidance on the proposal, i.e. a person named
Herve Parent objected.  Now the latest objector is
Robert G. Nunes, the Mayah of Tornton,Mass, home of
WPEP-AM 1570, that would disappear like George W.
Bush's credibility were the proposed CP be built.
(It's WPEP that would disappear, not Tornton)
Don't count on picking up WNSH-AM in Halifax, NS yet.

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