Opinion Piece On Air America Stirs Nasty Responses

SteveOrdinetz steveord@bit-net.com
Thu May 6 14:37:09 EDT 2004

Donna wrote...

> I agree, but I think all the media critics (from both the right and the
> left) need to be a bit more patient, and a lot more realistic.  I've
> trained many many announcers, and while I heard some with raw talent
> right  from day one, most of them needed a lot of work before they
> sounded really  good.  It's revisionist history to say that the day Fox
> went on the air, it  was wonderful, or the first radio talk show
> Limbaugh did, he was
> amazing.  These things take time to develop, and alas, time is something
>  Air America doesn't have, since a lot of people are expecting it to
> fail.

But Rush was already an experienced talk host before his show was
syndicated.  He'd developed his act doing local radio, and simply moved it
to the "big time".  Randi Rhodes is the only AA host with that experience.
 With all they pre-launch hype, AA needed to hit the ground running.

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