Gore leads group buying Newsworld International

Larry Weil kc1ih@mac.com
Thu May 6 00:48:36 EDT 2004

At 11:33 PM -0400 5/5/04, Mark Laurence wrote:

>On Tuesday, May 4, 2004, at 03:14  PM, Sean Smyth wrote:
>>The new ownership group says the network will eventually offer "innovative
>>and bold" news programming appealing to younger viewers and that it will not
>>lean predominantly Democratic or liberal.
>They're also saying the programming will continue to be produced by 
>the CBC.  I like that, but it's kind of surprising - and not exactly 

There's a youth oriented channel in Canada known as YTV, I don't know 
but suspect it's run by CBC.  If that's the case, I suspect this will 
be basically a US rebroadcast of this service.

You expected bold from Gore?

Larry Weil
Lake Wobegone, NH

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