Charlie Sherman (former Sports Director WMUR-TV 9 Manchester)

Larry Weil
Sat Mar 27 19:12:40 EST 2004

At 06:32 PM 3/27/2004, Dan C wrote:

>If Charlie replaces George Bald, who is leaving the job as head of the Dept
>of Resources and Economic Development to become executive director of the
>Pease Development out NH.  That's like replacing Edward R.
>Murrow with Jerry Springer!!

I have a good reason why I wont knock Charlie unless there is something to 
knock him about.  This stems from an instance I witnessed in a shopping 
mall a few years back.

I saw Charlie doing some shopping.  A fat kid, about 13 years old, who was 
probably the kind of kid who is unpopular and picked on by the other 
kids,  recognized Charlie and approached him as he was shopping.

Well, at this point Charlie could have just blown off the kid or just given 
him a quick autograph and then moved on.  Instead, Charlie spent I estimate 
about 15 minutes talking to the kid, spending time, and trying to relate to 
the young man.  This only ended when the kids mother came over to say they 
had to leave.  I was really impressed by this show of compassion and this 
man being willing to give his time in this way.

So, whatever Charlie chooses to do professionally or politically, I will 
always remember him for this act of being a real human being.

Larry Weil
Lake Wobegone, NH 

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