Almost on topic....just turn down the contrast andbrightness and listen...

Scott Fybush
Wed Mar 24 20:50:30 EST 2004

>I too noticed an anomaly:  channel 48 analog WYDN-TV channel 48
>is shown as being about 50 miles from Methuen;
>WYND-DTV about half their DTV assignment
>closer to Boston?

Yup. The spacing restrictions for DTV-to-DTV and DTV-to-analog are 
considerably less restrictive than for analog-to-analog, and that opens up 
a number of move-in possibilities around the country. A number of 
Philadelphia TV rimshotters managed to put their DTV signals at the 
Roxborough tower farm even though their analogs are way out in the 
hinterlands; WJAL-68 Hagerstown MD, with analog tx north of Hagerstown in 
PENNSYLVANIA, plans to put its DTV in Washington DC. There are others, too.


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