will FNX Broadcasting sell Maine next?

Robert A Whitaker sid.whitaker@unh.edu
Wed Mar 24 13:54:09 EST 2004

In the Portland area, FNX's 92.1 Sanford is iffy, at best. It's almost
unlistenable downtown with the overlap from the religious 91.9 in Harpswell,
whose TX is line-of-sight to downtown Portland. 92.1 is fine in southern York
county, and in the Portsmouth area, but I've always thought their claims of
Portland-Portsmouth were a little bit of a reach.

Sid Whitaker

Quoting Kevin Vahey <kvahey@tmail.com>:

> It is obvious FNX Broadcasting is in some trouble as the parent company
> by all accounts is a mess. I wonder if EEI will look hard at the Maine
> part of the network to give EEI a solid signal in Maine.
> Also with their buying WNUA a Buffalo rim shotter that was all sports
> does this mean perhaps a flip for WGR ?

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