So where does this put "Howard Stern via Satellite"?

Sean Smyth
Tue Mar 23 19:16:49 EST 2004

Roger Kola writes:
> "In December 1988, a federal judge ruled the FCC had 
> jurisdiction over all 
> radio signals entering the United States, including those 
> originating from ships 
> in international waters."
>3) So how would satellite transmission differ from RNI's fate?
Especially if 
>it originates in the US...wouldn't Stern just be another renegade? Do
we get 
>to keep the satellite?

The signal received by subscribers "originates" from the satellite, not
a terrestrial transmitter or cell phone tower. Yes the programming is
produced in the U.S. but it's non-terrestrial (I'm guessing hence the
name XM...eXtraterrestrial modulation). It's akin to cable in the sense
that cable is a separate for-pay service that's not broadcast over the
public airwaves, thus out of the realm of court decisions such as
Pacifica, et al.

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