So where does this put "Howard Stern via Satellite"?
Tue Mar 23 18:50:53 EST 2004

1) An interesting quote I found about WBCQ's Alan Weiner:

"In December 1988, a federal judge ruled the FCC had jurisdiction over all 
radio signals entering the United States, including those originating from ships 
in international waters."

As quoted from this article:

2)Which probably led somewhat indirectly to the US government's ability to 
restrict the "reception" of cell phone calls.....

3) So how would satellite transmission differ from RNI's fate? Especially if 
it originates in the US...wouldn't Stern just be another renegade? Do we get 
to keep the satellite?

What's good for the goose........

Just random thoughts, I threw away my Anarchist's Cookbook long ago....


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