Uncle Gus

Kevin Vahey kvahey@tmail.com
Mon Mar 22 21:06:05 EST 2004

As far as I know there are snippets of that one show that have been 
restored at Avid. Gus was always done live, if Gus was on vacation Uncle 
Ray (Harris) filled in. One other tape exists but it was a show I am not 
sure the people on it want out there. A Cub Scout troop from Waltham 
never showed and their were NO kids. The crew became the kids that day, 
and little Kevin knew his state capitals. I made Mom proud.

On Mon, 22 Mar 2004 8:34pm, Mark Watson wrote:
>     Someone e-mailed me today and asked if there are any video tapes of 
> "The
> Uncle Gus Show" that aired for many years on WMUR (Channel 9 
> Manchester). I
> replied to her that as far as I know, unfortunetly not. This person was 
> on
> the show as a child and wanted to find one to show her kids. I recall 
> some
> time back that Kevin Vahey had come across a copy of "Uncle Gus" on a 2 
> inch
> video tape and was looking for someone with a machine to dub it. Just
> curious if Kevin was able to find the machine to dub it and if anyone 
> else
> has any Uncle Gus tapes.
> Mark Watson

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