"Wall Street With (without) Louis Rukeyser"

Laurence Glavin lglavin@lycos.com
Mon Mar 22 14:03:31 EST 2004

Was it two years ago that there was quite a bit of controversy
about the treatment Maryland Public Television gave
Louis Rukeyser when they summarily dumped him for a
joint venture with Fortune Magazine to be named "Wall Street
Week with Fortune"?  Well, since then, the revised WSWwF
seems to have settled in, although I don't know if it's
garnering the same ratings it had with Louis Rukeyser.
But Lou had his defenders, and he quickly decamped to CNBC
and launched "Wall Street Week with Louis Rukeyser"
that was in turn distributed to many PBS outlets by WLIW-TV
near New York City.  His show was a clone of WSW as
before with the same living-room set, the same monlogue,
banter with a rotating group of guest experts like
Frank Cappiello, Robert Stovall, Gretchen Lash
( Gretchen Lash?  That sounds more like a dominatrix
than a financial advisor.  It makes for an interesting 
combination though.  I can just see her telling a client
to "get on all fours like a dog and invest in subordinated
debentures, and I do mean SUBORDINATED!") But I digress...
Last October, Lou said he was going to be off for a 
while to undergo back surgey.  Well, here it is nearly 
six months later, and no Lou.  Ok, it's not all
bad, Marie Bartiromo of CNBC has been one of the regular
substitute hosts, but that only makes it more like a commercial
cable channel than a dybbuk of a PBS legend.  My
'GBH members magazine arrived today, and I checked to
see if channel 44 was still scheduling the Rukeyeser show
(yes);  but how long will WGBX-TV, NHPTV and other PBS
outlets carry the show WITHOUT Lou himself?  David
Brudnoy is back;  who would have guessed Louis Rukeyser
would be out LONGER than he!

Laurence Glavin

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