Prophet Systems Nexgen, etc

Donna Halper
Mon Mar 22 01:04:08 EST 2004

I am finishing up an article for Radio Guide about Prophet Systems 
automation.  I realise that Clear Channel stations have to use it (since 
it's a division of CC), but I am also told there are numerous non-Clear 
Channel stations that also use it.  If you have tried Prophet or currently 
use it and would like to be quoted, contact me off-list; or if you don't 
mind having everyone see your comments, feel free to reply on-list!  As I 
did with the OtsDJ article, I am just trying to give a fair and accurate 
assessment.  I especially want to talk with some people who are using it 
now (which version are you using?)-- what the general opinion of it is, do 
you find it easy to learn, have any problems been encountered and were they 
resolved, what are its major benefits, would  you recommend Prophet, 
etc.  Thanks! 

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