Anti-satellite radio ad

Richard Chonak
Thu Mar 18 19:34:15 EST 2004

I was happy enough with Sirius to renew for another year, but of course 
nothing's perfect.  Here are my nitpicks:

   -- The PSAs on the news channels are repetitive and condescending:
      getting told for the 215th time to fight housing discrimination
      and child abuse is a bit much.   I think the ad agencies must
      be making PSAs annoying on purpose so that commercials will
      come off better by comparison!   Aren't there some old PSAs they
      could re-run just for the sake of variety?

   -- Some of the Sirius **promos**  use foul language: this is not nice.

On the other hand, Sirius deserves credit for adding a "clean" comedy
channel alongside the "uncensored" one.

To go back to the BBC thread: alas, Sirius' Beeb channel is the 
news-and-information stream, and does not include entertainment programs.


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