Anti-satellite radio ad

Hakim Madjid
Thu Mar 18 12:57:28 EST 2004

Peter Murray Writes:

>This just came through from an e-newsletter I

>>From Radio And Internet Newsletter (RAIN) 3/17:
>>With a series of :60 spots they produced and are
>>airing, Entercom has
>>upped the ante in radio broadcasters' turf battle
>>with satellite radio.
>>The ads call satellite radio "a lousy deal."

According to te info I have read on an on-line forum
devoted to the Sirius service, that these spots do
indeed originate with Entercom.

The subscriber growth of satelite radio must give
media conglomerates pause. While the 2 million or so
(XM and Sirius combined) still might be a small number
comapred to the entire radio audience, XM and Sirius
have experienced tremendous growth. Add to this the
fact that more and more automobiles now have factory
XM as a standard feature or option. This includes even
entry - level cars such as the Chevy Aveo.

Now I have not heard the Entercom anti satellite radio
spots, but from what I read here, and on other on-line
services, most of the points made seem to be half
truths. I guess it's sort of like a politcal campaign
attack ad.

First of all it's no longer hundreds of dollars for
the equipment, as one can buy an instal-it-yourself
kit for around $100 to $130 including the antenna.

As far as the monthly subcription goes, yea I was
skeptical at first that people would pay it but the
$10 a month (XM) or the $12.95 per month (Sirius)
isn't a lot compared to the other costs of owning a
car. Given today's gas prices, it costs nearly $20 to
fill up even an economy car. And even the Quickie-Lube
oil places now charge like $25 plus tax to change oil.

73, de Hakim (N1ZFF)

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