Radio Free Brattleboro

Garrett Wollman
Wed Mar 17 12:25:18 EST 2004

<<On Tue, 16 Mar 2004 19:18:04 -0500, "Brian Vita" <> said:

> "A U.S. District Court judge has denied a federal request for a
>    preliminary injunction to force Radio Free Brattleboro off the air."

> OK.  So these granola heads don't like the law so they think that they are
> above it.  The judge apparently agrees.

The criteria for granting such injunctions are very stringent.
Evidently the Government has failed to meet them.  (The lawyers here
can comment on the specific criteria, but I would guess that the
Government failed to demonstrate "irreparable harm".)  This does not
mean that the judge has decided that the law doesn't apply to RFB; it
simply means that the Government has not met the applicable burden of
proof to obtain an injunction at this stage of the proceeding.


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