Pirate operator fined

Sid Whitaker sid.whitaker@unh.edu
Wed Mar 10 10:38:11 EST 2004

IIRC, he was on 97.3, sandwiched between the 96.9 translator in downtown
Portland and 'Q' 97.9. There are licensed stations on 88.3 (WYAR Yarmouth) and
the 88.5 in Sanford, whose calls escape me.

A woman I worked with at the time heard the 97.3 pirate from her home in
Yarmouth and had it in the car all the way down to Portland. Someone else
caught it in South Portland, on Rt. 77 toward the Cape Elizabeth line (well
away from the Maine Mall). I'm not surprised at the reception on Blackstrap;
it's line of sight to just about everything on the Back Cove side of the
Portland peninsula.

I was living in the West End back in the fall of '97, just a few blocks from the
apartment where the station was operating, and remember seeing the antenna
mounted outside an upstairs window on an apartment building. I can't remember
how long the station was on the air, but I believe it was several weeks. 

Sid Whitaker

Quoting Roy Lawrence <lawrencemedia@yahoo.com>:

> Or the top of Blackstrap Hill in Falmouth where the
> signal had also been heard.
> Assuming we are talking about the same situation
> -Somewhere along the way, this facility was operating
> on (if memory serves me) 88.7. Somewhat too close for
> comfort to WCSH-TV Channel 6's audio. That would
> seemed to have stirred the legal fire.
> Roy Lawrence
> San Francisco, CA

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