Vermont Transport LPFMs

Bob Nelson
Wed Mar 10 03:21:38 EST 2004

--- John Bolduc <> wrote:
> This sounds like an upgrade to their system of micro
> power FM stations you
> could find along major roads, typically at rest
> areas.
> It's been about six years since I've been to a
> Vermont rest area to hear
> one. The power was so low by time you got up to
> highway speed leaving the
> rest area, the signal was totally gone.

Seems better now-- I drove by the Randolph rest area
(which was temp. closed) and could still get it a mile
or so down the road, maybe even a couple of miles

They used to have several of these tied in to their
rest areas but got rid of them. Now they're back
as LPFMs.

 The audio
> and production quality
> was good, though.  The rest area provided a pamphlet
> with details
> including frequencies and locations, but nothing
> indicating power levels.

Similar to what I've heard in New York State (audio
quality, etc.) and we even have some here in Mass.,
don't we? 530 AM, 1610 AM along Mass Pike (traveler's
info stations)


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