Vermont Transport LPFMs

John Bolduc
Tue Mar 9 15:42:34 EST 2004

This sounds like an upgrade to their system of micro power FM stations you
could find along major roads, typically at rest areas.
It's been about six years since I've been to a Vermont rest area to hear
one. The power was so low by time you got up to highway speed leaving the
rest area, the signal was totally gone. The audio and production quality
was good, though.  The rest area provided a pamphlet with details
including frequencies and locations, but nothing indicating power levels.

East Derry

--- Bob Nelson <> wrote:
> I mentioned earlier that the Vermont Agency of
> Transport got a bunch of LPFM licenses. This weekend I
> went up there and noticed one of them was on:
> WRAN-LP 100.1. It had a loop of brief music, then 
> some basic facts/trivia about Vermont followed by a
> traffic advisory (bridge work somewhere). Kind of a
> TIS type station.
> lists the Randolph station as being 6
> w from 515 ft. Other LPFM stations owned by the
> agency are 100 watts; the one in West Dover would be
> 100 watts from 1,619 feet.

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