Sherburne vs Killington, a big part of the story missing.

Sun Mar 7 09:20:37 EST 2004

Doug Bassett wrote:
>I'm sure that the Legislature won't move that quick to
>approve Killington residents' apparent desire to
>become a part of the Granite State.  For those who may
>not have heard, voters at Killington's recent town
>meeting voted in favor of secession from Vermont by a
>roughly two-to-one margin.  I wonder how much of a
>reduction in property taxes Killington property owners
>would see if the town were to become part of New
>Hampshire.  My gut feeling is not much.

Yeah, our property taxes are pretty high here too.  About the only thing 
that would lower cost of living is if a significant # of Killington 
residents worked in either Killington itself or in N.H. would be 
elimination of state income tax.

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