Sherburne vs Killington, a big part of the story missing.

Doug Bassett
Sun Mar 7 01:17:27 EST 2004

--- John Bolduc <> wrote:
> In regards to news coverage of Sherburne/Killington
> VT the vote for
> secession from VT.
> No news reports have mentioned this historical
> tidbit [regarding the name change of the town] 
> and if I'm correct, they are calling the town by 
> it's incorrect name. 
> Can anybody update me?

The voters of Killington (then known as Sherburne, and
previously known as Killington) approved the name
change on March 2, 1999.  The Vermont Legislature
approved the name change from Sherburne to Killington
April 27, 1999.  You can read the details at:

I'm sure that the Legislature won't move that quick to
approve Killington residents' apparent desire to
become a part of the Granite State.  For those who may
not have heard, voters at Killington's recent town
meeting voted in favor of secession from Vermont by a
roughly two-to-one margin.  I wonder how much of a
reduction in property taxes Killington property owners
would see if the town were to become part of New
Hampshire.  My gut feeling is not much.  

On the subject of broadcasting, Killington is the
community of license for two broadcasters: WEBK
(105.3) and TV translator W18AE.  Transmitter
facilities for several other broadcasters are located
within the town limits as well, including WVER, WZRT,
WJJR, and WHDQ-1 (if I'm not mistaken.  One or more of
these sites may actually be located in the neighboring
town of Mendon).

Doug Bassett
Brattleboro, VT

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