BBC (was:Re: "Savvy Traveler" Waves Goodbye)

Damon Cassell
Fri Mar 5 11:08:47 EST 2004

On Fri, 5 Mar 2004, Larry Weil wrote:

> Unedited?   I believe the version of the BBC that we get on XM, 
> Sirius, and PRI, as well as on the Internet, is a version edited for 
> North American listeners, and is a different feed from what they get 
> in other parts of the world.

I actually asked about this on an XM list recently, and I was told by 
multiple XM listeners that the WS feed, at least on XM, is the same exact 
one you hear on shortwave. I don't own XM yet, so I can't verify this. 
Apparently the Sirius feed is North America specific. The Internet stream 
is definitely the same as shortwave, at least if you get it off of the site.



     Damon Cassell
     Marblehead MA

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