Money demos for ratings

Tue Mar 2 16:28:53 EST 2004

Matt Osborne wrote:
> Here's a scenario then - if real time buyers only care
> about the 25-54 demo, then how do stations like CHRs
> and Modern Rocks, whose target demos are females and
> males 18-34, respectively, sell time effectively?  I'm
> sure that their 25-54 numbers really aren't that good,
> or can they get time buyers to look at 18-34 when they
> consider the format the station(s) is/are running?

Pop CHRs try to serve an 18-34 audience in order to pick up enough of that
coveted 25-54 audience.  Rhythmic CHRs, however are very teen heavy with
little to no 25+ audience, and while they pay pull decent 12+ numbers
you'll notice they're generally in the middle of the pack at best when it
comes to actual billings.  I'm sure this has much to do with
modern/alternative rock's shift toward more 80s/90s order to
add listeners to the upper end of their demo range.

I'm sure stations like WBZ do the opposite, try to do what they can to
attract the younger end of their demo.

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