Larry Weil
Mon Mar 1 11:06:11 EST 2004

At 11:43 PM -0500 2/29/04, A. Joseph Ross wrote:

>For the second week in a row today, Bob criticized CBS for running 
>reruns of Jay Leno and
>Conan O'Brien late at night.  Fine, but it's NBC, not CBS.

NBC has been running several week-old episodes of Leno and Conan in 
the late night for quite a few years now.  It's probably not making 
much money for the network or the affiliates, but at least it's not 
losing money like the previous all-night newscasts.  ABC seems to 
have that time period wrapped up for news, there simply isn't a 
market for more than one overnight newscast.

If Bob has a better idea for how to make money with original 
programming in the overnight period, I suggest that he present his 
proposal to NBC's programming department.

And yes, the 4:30 AM "Early Today" newscast on NBC comes directly 
from MSNBC.  So what!

Larry Weil
Lake Wobegone, NH

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