WGIR 610 AM - unforgivable mistakes during Red Sox broadcasts...

Bill O'Neill billo@shoreham.net
Thu Jun 17 08:55:52 EDT 2004

> Everything I have read says they dropped him due to pending fines for
> offensive material.  Where do you get your information?
> -- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine

I don't think Stern's supposed political leaning will have any impact on the
election.  Mainly, this is due to the fact the the segment of his demo that he
is most likely to want to energize, are politically unlinked from the process,
IMHO. While there is an upper tier to the Stern demo, they don't listen to Stern
to gain political advise.  They listen for entertainment.  I actually wonder if
Stern really thinks the presidential outcome will have any impact on the decency
climate.  Now that Sumner has (at least publicly) endorsed Stern and articulated
support for him ("Viacom's with me") the pressure has been dramatically reduced.

While Stern could assert himself such that he could have some political sway, I
don't think he's as hot for that now.  His 30 years on air is also due to,
oddly, restraint.

Bill O'Neill

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