WWZN / Celtics - Bill Griffith Column

Shawn Mamros mamros@MIT.EDU
Tue Jun 1 11:01:21 EDT 2004

>But WBCN (last I checked, and I might be out of date) is not AOR. Modern 
>Rock and football don't click as well as classic rock/AOR does. But I am 
>not a professional in this field. Co-owned WZLX would appear to be the 
>better match (with that said.) Then again, Howard Stern and classic rock 
>appear to be a better match... and he isn't on 100.7 either.

One other thing to keep in mind: The Pats only play once a week during
the season, and most of their games fall during what would otherwise
be dead time for a music station.  So even if they were to chase away
their entire regular audience on Sundays (and, if their current playlist
is any indication, it looks like a mainstream rocker to me, so I suspect
there's actually quite a bit of crossover), it's still a win-win for them.

The Celtics play a lot more games during their season, and thus would
take a much more substantial chunk of a station's total sirtime.  If
they had a winning team, that might not matter so much, but...

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