What they heard on CNN

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Sat Jul 31 11:36:12 EDT 2004

Partisan leaning? More like "inside the beltway"

My wife and I watched as much of the convention as
we could, flipping between C-Span, FoxNews and
MSNBC. I like to watch Chris Matthews' "Hardball"
but found Andrea Mitchell obnoxious and Howard
Fineman smug and obnoxious. They were too much to
bear. And how come no one mentions that Mitchell
might have a conflict because she is married to
Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan? Should she be
anywhere near the news? Both Joe Scarborough and
Willie Brown were entertaining and added relevant
comments, I thought. I really wish Matthews would
have varied the panel a bit.

I have to hand it to FoxNews for scheduling cool
debates with Janeane Garafalo facing off against
Sean Hannity, and Michael Moore facing off with
Bill O'Reilly. It was great television. However, I
could have used a little bit less of the
commentary from Newt Gingrich, who was allowed to
unanswerably attack Kerry and the Democrats on
multiple nights on the "Sell-a-book & Colmes"
show. I hope, for the sake of "fair & balance,"
that some liberal will be allowed to attack Bush
and the Democrats on multiple nights during the
Republican convention without any comment from the

Tony Schinella
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> Donna writes:  ...as I am
> > sure many of
> > you have heard or read by now, somebody left
the mike open
> > and you could
> > hear the convention director shouting out
orders <snip> the guy dropped the F
> bomb.
> It made for a headline on Drudge (with audio
bite).  They guy is considered to
> be a warhorse of this kind of stuff from LA,
etc. It was CNN's request for a
> background-only mic in his booth for flavor on
the broadcast.  I guess "open
> mic" has a different meaning to those at CNN.
Candidate Kerry has dropped that
> bomb intentionally in recent weeks when with
youth-oriented print media.
> Blitzer's comment about the network pulling a
"Cheney" referencing the veep's
> recent dropping of the F bomb was significant
for what it reveals to the world
> about partisan lean.
> Bill O'Neill

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