A look back to 1991

Scott Fybush scott@fybush.com
Tue Jul 13 21:59:11 EDT 2004

At 09:11 PM 7/13/2004 -0400, rogerkirk wrote:
>Scott Fybush wrote:
> >10-noon Tom Bergeron
> >noon-1 WBZ Noon News - Jacquie Goddard/Deb Lawler (I think)
> >1-3 Tom Bergeron (who'd been doing People Are Talking from 12:30-1 on
> >WBZ-TV in the meantime)
>Steve Leveille mentioned the Beregeron Split Shift just last
>night and characterised it as the "stupidest" shift he'd
>ever heard of.  He intimated his lack of respect for the
>person who created it and hoped (aloud) that he/she was
>no longer working in Boston or in earshot of WBZ.

I don't think the Bergeron split shift was all that stupid for the 
listeners...but it sure did keep Tom hopping! (OTOH, the fact that he could 
handle that crazed schedule was a pretty good recommendation for him later 
on in his career.)

Based on when that shift started, I'd have to think that it was either a 
Tyler Cox or a David Bernstein innovation. Tyler's now PD of Salem's talk 
radio network, having just come off a stint as OM of KRLD in Dallas. I'm 
not sure David's working full-time anywhere at the moment; the last FT gig 
of his that I can remember was at WOR, and it didn't end especially well.

If Peter Casey's still lurking on the list, he'd know for sure...maybe 
he'll at least drop me a hint in private e-mail if I've guessed right :-)


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