Guy Mainella

Mark Watson
Mon Jul 5 14:35:41 EDT 2004

 Joseph Pappalardo wrote:

> I'm not sure if he replaced Bill O'Connell (former ch 7 and Ch 56
> sportscaster)or if Bill O'Connell replaced him at WRKO.

    I don't recall if Bill O'Connell ever worked at Channel 7. I do remember
him doing weekend sports on both incarnations of Channel 5 (WHDH-TV & WCVB)
in the 70's. Also while at Channel 5 he also hosted a Saturday 1PM half hour
candlepin bowling show that aired after Don Gillis' long running "Candlepin
Bowling" show. I believe at one time it was titled "Junior Bowling"
featuring teen-aged bowlers competing. Later it became "Candlepin Super
Bowl" featuring 2 teams of 2 professional candlepin bowlers each going head
to head. I don't recall if O'Connell had left Channel 5 by the time the
title/format change in that show had taken place. When "Candlepin Bowling"
moved to 11:00 AM in the late 80's, "Super Bowl" was cancelled. I believe
Brian Leary (who was weekend sports, later anchor/reporter at WCVB before
leaving to change careers) replaced O'Connell as "Super Bowl" host, IIRC, Ed
Harding was the final host of "Super Bowl" when it ended it's run.

Joseph Pappalardo also wrote:

> Bill O'Connell had a heart attack...and ended up doing something less

    I believe he was working weekdays at WFCC (107.5 Chatam MA) and also
doing weekend sports at Channel 56 back in the late 80's or early 90's. IIRC
he had a heart attack in the WFCC studio one day during his airshift and was
revived by another station employee. He was out for a while recovering and I
believe he did briefly return to Channel 56 after his recovery. I don't
recall if he left 56 of his own accord or was fired. I believe he did end up
at WPLM either before or just about the time they were easing into the soft
AC format. Haven't heard him in several years, I'll guess he may be retired

Mark Watson

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