Guy Mainella

Joseph Pappalardo
Mon Jul 5 12:08:06 EDT 2004

My understanding was that Guy was a newspaper/magazine reporter prior to
radio.  I bellieved he followed Fr. Groppi (sp?) around for awhile.

In the mid/late 70's I remember him doing the evening show and he focused on
sports.  (I don't know if it was actually a "sports talk" show...but it
seemed like whenever I tuned to him he was talking sports.  I remember the
jingle.  "The World of Guy Manil-la!"

Somewhere along the line Westinghouse wanted him to start to do more news
oriented he stopped doing any sports gabbing unless some caller
prodded him into it.  He tended to lean liberal in his viewpoints.

He went to WRKO when they finally switched to all talk...doing the eveing
"SportsCall" program 6-8PM.  (Gerry Williams would call him "Guy Vanilla")

I'm not sure if he replaced Bill O'Connell (former ch 7 and Ch 56
sportscaster)or if Bill O'Connell replaced him at WRKO.

I remember that O'Connell hosted the 'Sports Roundtable' at 6PM on WRKO for
awhile..which was a bunch of sports reporters yelling at each other.  ;-)
Bill O'Connel had a heart attack...and ended up doing something less

Guy was an interesting and smart dude....(maybe too smart for what he was

I'm not sure why he left radio...I seem to recall someone saying he was
'fed-up', etc.  Or maybe just wanted a slower pace...and spend some time
with his other ventures.

I know he went onto some energy savings product company (in Nashua?) after
that...something he may have had on the side while working his 2 hours shift
at WRKO.  ;-)  His son/daughter or something may have been invovled or
actually owned the company...not sure.

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