Stern & C.C.

Dan Billings
Sat Feb 28 07:28:24 EST 2004

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>As far as hosts being against it,
> I'd almost use the analogy of a spoiled brat kid who was able to get away
> with pretty much anything for years with no discipline or
> consequences.

I do not think that fits with Rush.  Like him or not, he does not do stuff
that is vulgar.

>Had the industry policed itself
> and kept jerks like Bubba, Mancow and others of that ilk in line this
> wouldn't have happened.

The industry loved the money that those people produced.  Their listeners
apparently enjoyed the shows.  What's the problem?

Stern and Bubba were doing exactly what they were hired to do.

 >"Freedom of
> speech" is a bogus argument here.

I would agree if this was not being done as a result of government pressure.

>  If a porn
> shop or X-rated theatre opened up in your neighborhood what would be your
> reaction?

There is plenty of porn in everyone video store in America.

> BTW, Bubba and Stern did not get "banned".  Bubba got fired
> (again...look at his career...I think he's gotten fired from every gig
> ever had...and for the same reason every time), and CC cancelled Stern on
> stations.  Hardly "banning".  Other stations are free to pick up Stern or
> hire Bubba if they so wish.

The same was true of the Dixie Chicks.  Only one company banned them and
other stations continued to play them.  But the media and some members of
Congress where in an uproar as a result.

-- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine

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