Stern & C.C.

Sat Feb 28 07:11:40 EST 2004

Dan Billings wrote:
>Interesting to hear Rush take the unpopular stand.  His position was
>basically that the market should decide and that stations should not be
>pressured by Congress or the FCC to change programming.
>Imus also, sort of, spoke out against what has been happening.

Don & Mike as well, though they seem to be carrying on just fine, and 
indeed seem to be having fun with it.  As far as hosts being against it, 
I'd almost use the analogy of a spoiled brat kid who was able to get away 
with pretty much anything for years with no discipline or 
consequences.  All of a sudden, the parents impose some rules that were 
long overdue.  Of course the child is gonna chafe and complain because he's 
lost some of his "freedom".  I see this as the same thing.  As usual, there 
are the few who spoil it for everybody.  Had the industry policed itself 
and kept jerks like Bubba, Mancow and others of that ilk in line this 
wouldn't have happened.  Funny how the threat of something more severe than 
another slap-on-the-wrist fine finally got their attention.  "Freedom of 
speech" is a bogus argument here.  Do none of these guys have the talent or 
command of the English language to get their point across or be 
entertaining without being vulgar?

>Have I missed something or has the mainstream media been largely silent on
>this issue?
>The Dixie Chicks get banned and everyone is in uproar, even though the
>government never pressured anyone to do so.  Bubba and Stern get banned due
>to government threats and nobody cares.

The Dixie Chicks, as much as I cannot stand them did not make a career out 
of being obnoxious (style of music notwithstanding).  Bubba and Stern 
did.  My guess is that, politically incorrect as it is to say so, the 
general opinion is that this crackdown was long overdue.  Maybe the 
"anything goes" pendulum is starting to swing the other way.  If a porn 
shop or X-rated theatre opened up in your neighborhood what would be your 

BTW, Bubba and Stern did not get get "banned".  Bubba got fired 
(again...look at his career...I think he's gotten fired from every gig he's 
ever had...and for the same reason every time), and CC cancelled Stern on 6 
stations.  Hardly "banning".  Other stations are free ot pick up Stern or 
hire Bubba if they so wish.

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